iPhone Case for Mounting on Bike

iPhone Case for Mounting on Bike
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US$ 22.99

  • Carry your phone for map viewing when cycling
  • Fit for iPhone 4/4S users
  • Support 360 degree rotation and protection
  • Designed to absorb shock
  • Direct touchable monitor surface
  • Water-proof earphone plugs
  • Equip with wide angle lens for panoramic shooting

This iPhone4 / 4S Case for Bike is specially designed for attaching an iPhone to your bike so you don't have to hold it while cycling, allowing you to navigate, listen to music and take pictures or videos with ease. The silicon material of the case is sturdy and shockproof, ensuring the safety of your phone while you pedal away. Head to your destination by navigating with Google Maps and take videos along the way without worrying about dropping it. The case comes with a bike attachment, lens protector and instruction booklet. Get one now so you can hook up your iPhone to your bike and document your exciting cycling adventures!


  • iPhone4 Case
  • Bike attachment
  • Water-proof earphone plugs
  • Wide angle lens for panoramic shooting
  • Instruction Booklet