Electronic Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint / Password / ID Card / Mechanical Key 4 In 1 Opening for Home Office Safe Lock

Electronic Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint / Password / ID Card / Mechanical Key 4 In 1 Opening for Home Office Safe Lock
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  • Model:   R-FZ3
  • Material:   Aluminium alloy
  • Unlock mode:   Fingerprint +Password+ID card + Key
  • Card User:  200
  • Fingerprint User:  100
  • Password:  1 Groups
  • Fingerprint read:    RF sensor
  • Color:   Red Bronze/Silver/Black
  • Chip Type:   Dual Core Driver
  • Chip level:   C level
  • Read time:   less than 1 seconds
  • Touch screen:   Tempering glass
  • Working power:   4 x AA batteries
  • Operating temperature:   -25 to 65°C
  • Password function:   support virtual passwor
  • Suit for the door thickness about 37-100mm

About Installtion:

The item is include the drilling hole diagram,so it is easy to drill the correct hole to install the lock.

We can provide the Tutorial video for installing / programming.


Fingerprint Unlocking:

Max support 100pcs fingerprint registering.


RFID Card Unlock:

The card was encrypted that is prevent copying,so if you need more cards please contact us.

Max support 200pcs registering.


Password Unlocking:

Support 6 digits password.

You can input any number before or after correct password (Guard against peeping)

Continuously input the wrong password 5 times,the keypad will be locked 5 minutes (More Security)


Locked & Unlock by the handle up and down:

There is a inside locked device on the back side.


Battery Jar:

In the front of the lock.If the battery no have any power,you can replace the battery from outdoor.

How to open the battery jar,please follow this picture.


Hidden Keyhole:

It is the backup unlock key.

Please uncover the cover with magnetic that can see the keyhole.


Lock Cylinder and keys:

With anti mechanical violence,only real cylinder can real anti-thief

Class C lock cylinder is manufactured according to the safety standard of national <GA/T 73-2015 mechanical anti-thief lock>.The key adopts double side double row with inner grooves + side marble design,and the inner of lock cylinder adopts multi track double marbles.The anti drilling experiments have exceeded the national C level lock core standards.Higher security factor,better user experience.The technical open time is two times of class B lock cylinder,and even can not open,fully beyond the B level lock more.

How to judge the lock installtion direction:

When installing the lock,please see the details of this picture carefully.


Universal for Right or Left direction and Push or Pull opening

The handle direction for the Left Door and Right Door:

How to adjust the handle,please see the installtion video.


How to adjust the locking tab for In-opening or Out-opening(Pull or Push):

Push the lock tab using a bolt driver and adjust it,Please follow this picture.


Judge the lock whether can be installed on your door:

Measure The thickness of the door, The length of the liner,The width of the liner.

Suit for the door thickness 37mm ~ 100mm.

If you are not sure whether it can replace your old lock,please contact us and tell us the details of your old lock.