Purple Cubic Zirconia Bracelet Set on 925 Sterling Silver Coated with Platinum

Purple Cubic Zirconia Bracelet Set on 925 Sterling Silver Coated with Platinum
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NZD 76.83

Cubic zirconia jewelleries have always been popular with our members. In order to give you more choices so that you can select different jewellery for different occasions, we proudly present the latest Cubic Zirconia Bracelet at an irresistible price.

This bracelet is mounted with 16 specially chosen Purple Cubic Zirconia of AAA grading and 15 White Cubic Zirconia, with their shine resembling that of real diamonds, if not brighter, it is next to impossible to distinguish with naked eyes. No one can resist their sparkling charm under the light.

Once you own it, you own the shimmering sparkle around you with dazzling radiance suitable for any occasion. It is a must-have item if you wants to make a statement on every important occasion!!!

 As we continue to search for new sets to enrich your jewellery collection, we have at the same time taken note of the feedback given to us by the buyers of our earlier deals. Our quality team have since upgraded the quality standards that our suppliers need to abide by. Not only are we now concern with the design of the pieces we showcase, at the same time, we are extremely careful about many other aspects of jewellery standards with include areas like material used in the manufacture of the jewellery, material used for coating, minimum thickness of plating...and the list goes on........

The quality of this bracelet matches those you get in big brands. It is set on a 925 sterling silver and plated to high standards with platinum.

Whether for yourself, or for that special someone, you certainly do not want to miss this deal.

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This Bracelet is coated with 3microns thick silver coating 0.05 micron Palladium coating and 0.01micron Rhodium coating
Weight: 12.41g
Total Quantity of Zirconia: 31 pieces AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia
Length: 18cm
Width: 6.0mm
Height: 3.0mm