Freshlook Illuminate By Ciba Vision Daily Wear-30 Lenses

 Freshlook Illuminate By Ciba Vision Daily Wear-30 Lenses
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Price: NZD 62.26/box
As low as: NZD 53.54/box for 6 boxes
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Enhance your look with pretty big and mysterious eyes. FreshLook Illuminate Rich Brown offers a leading colour lens technology which is based on the FreshLook lenses family and Ciba Vision"s Focus Dailies contacts. This lens gets this special glow in your eyes, particularly your dark eye colour. The used starburst pattern coloured circle and their secondary colour layer boost and illuminate your impressive appearance. FreshLook Illuminate Rich Brown lenses deliver a large looking pupil and iris.      

Frequency: Daily Wear
Diameter: 13.8mm
Base Curve 8.6mm
Material: 31% Polymer (Nelfilcon A)
Water Content:


Q: What if you have perfect eyesight?

A: Non-powered lens are available. Just request for lens with a power of  -0.00D


** Available in a pack of 30 lenses per box

*** Consult an eye care practitioner for suitability of wear


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