How Groupcow Works is not just another local group buying site. So how are we different?

1) We operate upstream on the supply chain. ( most group-buying companies operate downstream getting discount coupons from Retailers )

2) We strive to bring consumers around the world together to create the biggest buying force possible. ( most group-buying sites serve buying crowds locally )

3) We bypass middlemen to create the biggest savings possible so that we can pass this saving back to you, the consumer.

4) We work on the concept that the more consumer we have, the lower the price.

Our motto is : “More Buyers, Greater Discount.


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Click to BUY

Click “Buy” and pay either by Paypal or your credit card. It is possible that the amount you have paid may not be the final price! As more people buy, the price may goes lower.

Share for a Better Deal

Share with as many of your friends as possible to increase our buying force, thereby increase our bargaining power with manufacturers.


More Buyers, Greater Discount

In the diagram on the right, once the number of purchasers reaches 500, the price goes below to $80.

When the number of buyers exceeds 1000, everyone buys at $60.

Refund as Credit

Now, you may ask: What if I bought the product and paid at $100 and eventually the final price has gone down to $60?! Don’t worry! We will refund $40 into your account as credit.


We offer Free Standard Shipping for some products, if you would like to use other express delivery method, you can make your desire selection during checkout. is not just another local group buying site. So how are we different?