Smart Massager S1 Relaxer Personal Back Massage Device Mini Wireless SPA

Smart Massager S1 Relaxer Personal Back Massage Device Mini Wireless SPA
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Great to relieve DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)

Light, pocket size and compact design

Simulates the features of kneading, pressing, squeezing and stroking

120 min charging time

Polymer Lithium Battery

Uses a low frequency output of electric currents

It is great for the top of your shoulders and the lower back.

240 mins with each charge



Often feeling run down from your day to day work and feeling like you need a little pick me up to get you to knockoff as that coffee just won?t cut it. Or do you have sore shoulders and neck from hunching over staring at that computer screen all day aiming to feel the satisfaction of hitting that deadline.


Wouldn?t it be great if our boss would pay for a masseuse while you work! Let it do that for you. It can aid in that tension from sitting at your desk and calm your nerves as you work towards completing your task. Feel alert, calm and focused as those hours fly by. Charge yours at your desk so you will always be ready for when that stressful deadline hits.



Are you feeling tired and tense from that personal best you hit at the gym today or has the consistent pounding of your feet got your muscles in a knot. Chances are all this tension could lead to a restless sleep or injury if not dealt with.


We all understand that tight muscles only hinder and not help our fitness goals. Let it be your best workout partner. Carry you Massager around in your gym bag for quick easy use and feel the stimulation of your muscles as they begin to relax.



Stuck in a small chair space with hours (sometimes days) before you will lay your eyes on a comfortable bed or do you frequently have to commute to work often taking up most of your precious downtime.


Expect the first class feeling with the Massager, designed to stimulate and relax muscles when you?re on the move. Let Massager provide that comfort and alleviation to those areas when you have somewhere to be.



If health and well-being are a big part of your life then you know that relaxation is key. Massager helps you regroup, take time and focus on a little bit of YOU time. It stimulates and relaxes the muscles where you can?t reach. It?s compact and easy to take with you anywhere and is fully controlled by your smart phone. Now you can have a little bit of relaxation anywhere you go to keep you calm and in control.