Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 day Extra

Cooper Vision Biomedics 1 day Extra
  • 101750 c
Price: RM 131.23/box
As low as: RM 111.55/box for 6 boxes
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  • 55% water content
  • Comfortable lens wear for up to 11 hours
  • Healthier eyes (replacing your lenses everyday regularly helps to promote good eye health)
  • No-hassle convenience – no need to deal with the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses
  • Reduced effects of allergies - allergens have
  • Less time to build up on daily lenses
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Diameter: 14.2mm


Q: What if you have perfect eyesight?


A: Non-powered lens are available. Just request for lens with a power of  -0.00D


Introducing Biomedics® 1 day Extra, for your most natural, comfortable lens wearing experience.

Designed to maximise the feeling of natural all-day comfort. An excellent upgrade for existing 1 day wearers, a great starting point for those new to lenses or for those monthly lens wearers wanting to upgrade to the extra convenience 1 day lenses offer.


** Available in a pack of 30 lenses per box

*** Consult an eye care practitioner for suitability of wear


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