Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra

Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra
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  • 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
  • Machine Wash
  • Full-support athletic bra with open-air mesh construction
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry


Gravity can have a powerful influence on a woman's body; this can be especially so during intensive excecise, but who is to say we can't fight back?
This sports bra is designed to do just that. Designed to give you the best support where it matters especially during intensive exercises, this may be your best sports companion yet. Material chosen to made this ensures maximum comfort on your skin, creating the least friction and giving you the best blood circulation.


Don't exercise without this, grab your piece now while stocks last!

  • Step 1 - Band Measurement. While wearing a well-fitted, unpadded bra (not a push-up or sports bra), place a measuring tape around your back, underneath your arms, and above your bust , keeping it snug and straight across your back as you take the measurement. If it’s an odd number, round up to the next whole even number—a measurement of 31", for example, should be rounded up to 32". This is your band size—the number in a bra size.

  • Step 2 - Chest Measurement. Place the measuring tape around your back and over the fullest part of your bust. Leave the measuring tape looser on this measurement, and make sure the tape is completely horizontal around your back. Take this measurement and deduct your band measurement from Step 1. The difference calculates your cup size, every inch equals a cup. See the Universal Size Chart Below and find the difference in column 1. This is your cup size.

  • Step 3 - Calculate the Difference. Subtract your band measurement from your chest measurement. The difference represents your cup size—the letter in a bra size—with each inch correlating to one cup size. Refer to the Cup Size Chart below: For example, a chest measurement of 36" and a band measurement of 32" results in a difference of 4", or a D cup. In this case, the bra size needed is a 32D.


Size:   32A-40F

* Kindly take note that you will have to tell us the Bra Size you need after placing your order by sending an

email to us with your order number to : info@groupcow.com