The new iPad / iPad 2 Leather Slip in Case

The new iPad / iPad 2 Leather Slip in Case
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US$ 24.99
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  • High-quality leather case
  • Velvet interior to protect your device
  • Form-fitted for a perfect fit
  • Protect your iPad 2 from dirt, scratches, drops and collisions

Slim design and easy to use; this The new iPad/ iPad 2 case is perfect for keeping your tablet safe from harm. Made with quality materials and is a reasonably priced case. It is durable and light weight and extremely comfortable to hold in your hands while at the same time, bring a touch of class to the beholder. 


Thickness: 5mm
Thickness with iPad2 inside: 16mm
Thickness with The new iPad inside: 17mm
Material: Faux Leather