The Indoor Doggie Restroom

The Indoor Doggie Restroom
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  • Designed to let your dog feels he is relieving himself in Nature 
  • Extremely useful during rainy days  
  • Three-layer system 
    • artificial turf mat 
    • plastic insert which allows the liquid to drain 
    • collection tray 
  • Perfect for indoor use 
  • Easy to clean 
  • For small dogs under 15 lbs 
  • Now your pet can go when he needs to


Hate rushing home to find a mess? This indoor doggie restroom can certainly help you! This innovative mat and tray system gives your dog a place to relieve themselves when they can't go outside, especially during raining days or when you are busy or just do not feel like leaving your couch.


This cleverly designed mat, made of artificial turf, is designed to let your dog feels he is relieve himself in Nature. The mat sits on top of a plastic insert which allows liquid to drain into the collection tray for easy clean up!

Dimensions: 17’ x 27’ (43 x 68 cm)