Portable Tablet / Smartphone Desk Stand

Portable Tablet / Smartphone Desk Stand
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US$ 16.99

  • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets including iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7, Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 etc.
  • 270-degree adjustable stand for optimal viewing angle
  • Rubber pads give excellent grip and functionality
  • Sleek portable design

This portable tablet / smartphone desk stand holds a wide range of tablets and smartphone at the perfect angle. Simply hold the 270-degree adjustable button to set the desk holder at your desired angle. Release the button and your device stands comfortably at your desk, allowing you to monitor your devices activities including incoming calls and push notifications. This stand also provides you with the flexibility of both landscape and portrait viewing, making it more comfortable and enjoyable to surf the net, watch a movie or make a video call.

To optimise grip and functionality, rubber pads are thoughtfully placed on the bottom of the stand, as well as the interior groove. The interior rubber pads can also be removed easily if your device is already enclosed in a case. With its sleek portable design, this foldable lightweight desk stand is extremely easy to take with you. It will slip easily into your pocket or bag, making it an ideal travel companion.


Dimensions (folded): 10 cm X 8.5 cm