Plunger Sucker iphone4s iphone5 Stand

Plunger Sucker iphone4s iphone5 Stand
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US$ 4.99
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At just 4.5 cm (1.8") long, this Plunger Sucker Stand may look like a classic toilet plunger but retains none of its original function - trust us, don't try it no matter how quickly the water is rising. Instead, it uses its silicone rubber business end to grip the back of your personal device, allowing the cylindrical wood handle to support its weight as you tilt it back for optimum screen viewing.

Probably the most adorable stand we have ever seen. If you buy any accessory for your iPhone4S, THIS is the one to get. The iPLUNGE Phone Stand works by just plunging the back of your iPhone 5/ 4S – using this  suction to create the simplest stand ever, for you to prop up your iPhone. It not only work on your iPhone but any device with a smooth back surface. 

What is a better gift idea than giving a toilet stick this Christmas!!!