Phone Diving Suit - Water Resistant Case Skin for iPhone 4/4S

Phone Diving Suit - Water Resistant Case Skin for iPhone 4/4S
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US$ 11.99
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  • Suitable for iPhone 4/4S
  • Compact design for perfect fitting
  • Seal tightly and prevents water from seeping in
  • Protects your Apple iPhone 4/4S from damages, dust and scratches
  • Everything works just like normal through the case, including cameras and capacitive touchscreens
  • You can read and tap through the case

You just have to own this water resistant case skin! With it, you can protect your most important communication tool, your lifeline, which is your phone, under so many situations. To name a few: 

i)   in the rain
ii)  when you are soaking in your bathtub and have the urge to finish your Angry Bird game or hope to read your latest ebook
iii) on the beach when you absolutely have to protect your phone from sand and salt
iv) boating
v)  cycling
vi) fishing



  • This waterproof skin can be re-used several times, but the water resistant property will be weakened after using twice
  • Don't put your phone under water for too long, maximum is 2 hours  
  • Touch screen sensitivity and the volume of the speaker will be weakened under water
  • The level of your camera clarity will be a little bit lower