Korean Style Flip Case Cover for iPhone 4/ 4S

Korean Style Flip Case Cover for iPhone 4/ 4S
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US$ 12.99
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  • Flip cover  case
  • Magnetic button
  • Protect your iPhone away from scratch and dust

The Korean Style Flip Case Cover iPhone Case is a very unique case as it provides you with a flippable front cover to open and close when you are not using your iPhone 4. The front cover features a magnetic button that allows you to conveniently open and close the cover. The mic and the earphone section is also left open so that you can still talk on the phone with the cover closed. The outside of the case is entirely made out of synthetic leather and the inside material is made out of soft suede so that it will not scratch your iPhone.

To attach your iPhone 4, simply stick your iPhone onto the reusable Magic Tape that’s included in the case. Your iPhone will be held very securely and will not fall out. If you want to switch to another case and come back to this one later, you can easily do so by detaching your iPhone 4 from the Magic Tape. As you will see, the Magic Tape will not cause any marks on your iPhone! Just make sure that you don’t lose your Magic Tape cover and store the case in a dry and shaded area to maintain the condition of your Magic Tape!

Please note that this case is made specifically for the iPhone 4.