Portable iPhone4 Dock Fan

Portable iPhone4 Dock Fan
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US$ 10.99
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  • Suitable for iPhone3/4/4S, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Perfect gadget for summer
  • The coolest iphone accessory

This wonderful gadget finally solved the mystery of how to make an iPhone even cooler! With an iPhone3/4/4S, iPad/ The new iPad or iPod Touch, you could have to 6 hours of a cool breeze. Compatible with most iPhone cases, this is the must-have accessory for the summer. Enjoy as your iPhone blows a fresh breeze towards you. It has two directions where you can face it upward or to the side. Either sides will work properly giving you a breeze wind to cool down your hot head in summer time.


Weight: 17g
Size: 82 x 29 x 13mm