Hang your fish up

Hang your fish up
  • Ft1 570 5
  • Ft2 570 5
US$ 49.99
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  • Round fishbowl made of transparent acrylic
  • Can be used for aquatic plants
  • Fishbowl only. Fish, pebbles and other items not included


Redefine fish keeping by hanging your fish up for everyone to see with this innovative fish bowl. Instead of placing your fish in a corner where nobody notices, you can now hang your fish up and let everyone admire their beauty. This fishbowl is also ideal for aquatic plants which can add a bit of greenery to any space. The fishbowl is made of transparent acrylic, allowing light to penetrate the water inside to give it a shimmering glow and its small size makes it suitable for offices and small homes. Bear in mind that this fishbowl is for small fish and small plants. Make sure they have enough room to move around.

Outer diameter: 27 cm
Inner diameter: 26 cm
Height: 12.4 cm