Foldable Felt Vase Covers Set

Foldable Felt Vase Covers Set
  • Vase1 570 1
  • Vase3 570 1
  • Vase2 570 1
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  • Never break your ceramic/ glass vase again
  • Minimal design to go with modern interior setting
  • Safe storage area for items not in use
  • Insert a plastic bottle for support and to hold water
  • 3 vase covers in 1 set


Keep your ceramic or glass vases safe with this simple and elegant vase cover. The cover fits snugly over your vase or a plastic bottle which gives it protection and looks amazing at the same time. The neutral gray color goes well with any modern interior setting and a great decoration for any home or office. Don't worry about broken vases anymore, even if your energetic children or curious pets knock them over, the vase won't break! The cover is made of felt and can be rinsed easily with water if it gets dirty. There are 3 vase covers in 1 set, plenty for you to place around your home. Don't miss this great deal!