Polka Dot / Purple Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag

Polka Dot / Purple Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag
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  • Loaded with features to ensure pet's safety and comfort
  • Sparing the hands of the dog's owner
  • Ideal for taking your dogs around with the least effort
  • Safety hook allows you to secure your dog's collar, preventing your dog from jumping out


This trendy and practical dog carrier helps you to bring your beloved pet around the city especially in places that do not allow pets to roam. As the interior part of the carrier is made of cotton, padded and equipped with a clasp, it makes sure that your pet is kept comfortable and safe.

Colours available: purple, dotted

Sizes available:

Small - 35cm(L) X 17cm(W) X 26cm(H)
Medium - 40cm(L) X 17cm(W) X 28cm(H)
Large - 45cm(L) X 18cm(W) X 30cm(H)

Materials: Water-resistant and faux leather outer layer