Dog Paw Protectors

Dog Paw Protectors
  • Dog foot 570 4
  • Dog foot 570 1 2
  • Dog foot 570 2 2
  • Df measure 2
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  • Waterproof shoes for your dog to wear
  • Double layering to seal in warmth and keep water out
  • Cute pawprint pattern; many colours to choose from
  • A set with 4 shoes


Never let your dog's paws get dirty again in muddy water with these waterproof dog shoes. These practical dog shoes have double layers to ensure better waterproof results and keep dog paws warm: the surface is a waterproof fabric and the interior is fleece. The opening can be securely fastened to make sure your dog's paws stay dry and clean. Available in several colours, these shoes are covered in a cute pawprint pattern. These shoes are only good for shallow puddles only, steer clear of the big and deep ones! Fashionable tip: get one set of each available colour so that your dog's shoes can match your outfit when you go out for a walk!



Size Length(cm) Width(cm)
XXS 3.5 2.5
XS 4 3
S 4.5 3.5
M 5 4
L 5.5 4.5
XL 6 5
XXL 6.5 5.5