DIY Cloth Book for Babies

DIY Cloth Book for Babies
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  • colorful design
  • soft and light, absolute safe for babies


People are getting more and more used to DIY nowadays. So why don’t you DIY a storybook and give your baby a first book of his/her lifetime? This lovely cloth book has spaces for you to insert pictures. You can insert pictures of your choice and create your own version of story to tell your baby. The good thing about a cloth book is it is soft and light, easy for babies to carry and won’t hurt them. And it is easy to be cleaned as well. After your baby is getting bored with the story, you can insert some other pictures and tell your baby a completely different story. Isn’t that cool? With just one book, you can tell a number of different stories. Not to mention it is good for the environment too. Of course, you can also take this cloth book as a photo album and insert photos of your cute little baby.