Deeki Handmade Retro Sunglasses( As seen in used in Korea's TV series "My Love from the Star" )

 Deeki Handmade Retro Sunglasses( As seen in used in Korea's TV series "My Love from the Star" )
  • Deeki starr 570x2
  • Deeky white front 570x570
  • Deeky white doubleside 570
  • Deeki front back 45x2 570 1
  • Deeki gold side 570x570 1
  • Deeky white 45 570x570
  • Deeky gold front 570x570 1
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Deeki Eyewear

When seen used by the latest Korean Wave Star Jun Ji-hyun, playing the role Cheon Song-yi in the latest Korea's TV Series "My Love from the Star", this Korean Eyewear Brand shot to stardom instantly.

Featuring eyewear that breaks away from the mainstream, yet is stylish and wearable,, Deeki is already well established in their Korean homeland thanks to a series of prolific collaborations, and is making waves on a global scale as a result of their novel takes on various classic styles. With a business model built around the adage of “innovative experiments”, the brand’s objective is to adapt vintage looks into modern creations by producing frames that are handcrafted extremely light, with finesse, and handcrafted they are indeed.

While vintage-inspired eyewear isn't a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but Deeki reworks the classics with an emphasis on innovation. Using traditional Italian methods to carve the frames out of sheets of acetate, each piece is then moulded by hand – an alternative to the commercial injection-moulding technique employed by large manufacturers. Deeki has their fashionably adorned sights on becoming a market leader.

Based in South Korea, Deeki got its start like many other independent eyewear makers: they started to make eyewear because they know about glasses better than anything else.