Comfortable Baby Bean Bag Support Chair

Comfortable Baby Bean Bag Support Chair
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US$ 22.99
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This Comfortable Support Baby Bean Bag Chair is a perfectly designed seating solution for infants through to pre high school age. It’s similar to a bean bag in structure, but has been specially designed to provide the best and most consistent support for babies.

It is an adaptable, multi-functional bean bag that guarantees total comfort from birth to toddler and beyond, up to 8 years old. The upper cover of this Baby Bean Bag Chair was designed to be multi-purpose; it can be detached and interchangable. It can also be altered to suit the age and development of the child easily ( this top cover can be changed to one with to one without harness.  

So what does this Baby Bean Bag have to offer? Take a look:



With our Baby Bean Bag, your child is safely and comfortably nestled in a resting position, while also being able to interact with the world around him or her.


One of the greatest assets of this Baby Bean Bag is that it was designed be used from birth right through to pre teens. By simply swapping the detachable harness seat to the toddler seat that's included, it meant your child could continue to use his or her birth item owned since birth.


Snuggle Pods can be easily move from room to room and from the house to the car without any issue. This is important for a family on the go. Weighing almost nothing with department store beans inside, anyone can lift these bags and tote them to a new location.

Interchangeable Seats

The interchangeable seats were designed to give you the parent, the ability to quickly replace a seat if it were to become dirty and in need of washing. Having a spare seat allows for the continued use of the Baby Bean Bag.  

If you are interested to purchase extra seats or outer top cover, you can visit this link to make additional purchases:

1.Spare baby seat with harness:

2.Spare toddler seat without harness:


Our Baby Bean Bag were carefully designed to offer the best functionality available not only to babies and children, but to busy parents as well.

Health Benefits

The special shape of the bean bag is designed to help prevent GERD (reflux). The soft seat helps prevent flathead. The ultimate in comfort is just a bonus!

Product Features:

  • Guarantees total comfort from birth to toddler and beyond (up to 30kg)
  • Can be altered to suit the age and development of the child (2 upper layers that can be detached and interchanged)
  • Beans mould to your body and can be adjusted easily with a quick shake of the bean bag or movement of the body
  • Outer covers are machine washable
  • 1 x Baby Seat ( with harness )
  • Does not include beans. You will have to buy your own beans. This makes good economic sense for you, the consumer, as the shipping cost of the beans are high owing to the total shipping size of the bean. We estimate you will need to use around 750grams of beans per piece. If you order locally, it should cost you not more than US$16 per Kg of beans.
  • Kindly take note that  for safety reasons ( to avoid the child from sustaining injury from sharp zipper head ) this item is deliberately designed to exclude a zipper head. We have inserted a paperclip to help with filling the beans. Once this task is complete, kindly remove the paperclip from the zipper
  • Approximate Size: 75 (L) x 50(W)x 43 (H) cm ( These measurements may vary slightly with different manufacturing batches )


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As well as being comfortable for kids, this is a great product that parents will love too. With its unique shape, it helps to prevent reflux or GERD and promotes easy breathing. This combined with its easy cleaning outer covers and inner bag that contains the beans makes this a must have product for every parent.


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