Apple Macbook Air 11-inch Leather Protective Case

Apple Macbook Air 11-inch Leather Protective Case
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US$ 28.99
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  • Crocodile textured leather exterior with a velvet lined interior
  • Designed for your Apple Macbook Air 11-inch
  • Available in 3 colours

Stylist elegant crocodile -texture leather sleeve. Slim and compact, the inner protective layer is made of high quality velvet- lined monolithic material.

This could not be the more perfect care forf your beloved Apple Macbook..

This item is styled expecially for your Apple MacBook air thin blade computer trapezoidal design. The snug-fit when your device rest within this sleeve minimise scraches to your flawless finished Macbook surface.

Holding this elegant case in your hands is perhaps the best tool to make your fashion statement,