6-in-1 iPhone 5 Starter Kit

6-in-1 iPhone 5 Starter Kit
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US$ 19.99

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  • Includes every basic accessories you need for your iPhone 5
  • A perfect gift idea

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Reasons you need this 6-in1 iPhone Starter Kit:


1. The Waterproof Case comes with an armband and a neck lanyard. A tool you want to keep close to you when the urge to swim arises, to finish your book, or make sure you can access your phone in bath when the must-awaited message comes in. Simply trying to keep your device dry from the threat of your kids milk bottle or water mug is reason enough for you to keep your phone in this waterproof case.


2. The 3-in-1 Nano SIM Card Adaptor Kit is a must-have item in your wallet and will definitely come in handy in the event you need to switch phones owing to phone crash, battery drain or other unforeseen circumstances. And if you are a frequent traveller, you surely cannot miss this.


3.  The soft rubber tipped Aluminium Alloy Stylus Touch Pen allows you to access your phone with better precision and accuracy without messing your screen up with fingerprints.


4. This Clean Crystal Case provides maximum protection from dust and scratches without adding bulk, at the same time, showing off the state-of-the-art design of your iPhone 5.


5. This playful yet easy to store Magnet Shaped Stand ensures you can enjoy your favourite videos or movies and to flick through your pictures comfortably while leaning back comfortably in your chair.


6. The Anti-scratch Clean Screen Protector provides further protection to your phone while ensuring the high clarity of the retina screen.

7. Save yourself from the frantic search for the essential accessories for your iPhone 5 everywhere.

8. Enjoy extra discount by buying this 6 essential toolkit bundled together for your ultimate savings and convenience.

9. Surprise your love ones with this thoughtful gift.


10. The benefits goes on and on but we'd better stop our babbling and let you hit the "Buy" button NOW!


This bindled pack includes:

  • iPhone 5 Crystal Case X 1
  • Clear Screen Protector X 2
  • Nano SIM Card Adaptor Kit X 1
  • Waterproof Case X 1
  • Stylus Touch Pen - Black X 1
  • Magnet Shaped Stand X 1