35mm 4 Lens Action Camera

35mm 4 Lens Action Camera
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  • Shoot 4 sequential images on one print
  • With one touch of the shutter button, all four lenses are fired in sequence
  • Lomographic shooting style easily achieved
  • Uses regular 35mm film - prints can be developed anywhere


Capture short spans of time with this amazing camera. Just one click will allow you to produce four sequential images on one print! Go ahead and be creative, think of fun actions to shoot with friends, or be spontaneous and capture those special moments vividly on film! Have fun experimenting with lomographic shooting style, this camera can do the job nicely. It uses regular 35mm film that can be purchased and developed anywhere, which is convenient and hassle-free for users. Bring it everywhere you go so that every exceptional moment becomes an everlasting image. People say ‘a picture speaks more than a thousand words’, and now you have four of them for every moment.