Door Hinge Guard for Baby and Kids Finger Safety Protector

Door Hinge Guard for Baby and Kids Finger Safety Protector
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  • Best protection against accidental injury of your children's fingers
  • Easy to install onto door hinges


Door hinge safety strips to attach to door frames to keep your child's fingers from slipping into the door jam

These simple but effective door safety strips will prevent finger pinch hazzards in your home and give you peace of mind. Once your child is on the move around the house, these inexpensive door strips should be one of the key products that you use to child- proof your home, reducing the risk of accidents and keeping your child safe.



Length: 100cm
Width: 5cm
Thickness: 1.5cm
Material: Environmental friendly PVC


Installation Questions


Installation is not difficult. You can look at some pictures of this item of some of our past users who have installed and an installation instruction. Do take note that as our hinge guards are only ONE meter in length, it will not cover the whole length of your door hinge gap . ( It may look odd to some, but it will serve it's purpose.)

Users will usually place the guard from floor up to a height beyond the reach of a child. If you want to prevent a taller child that can stick their finger into the hinge gap higher than 1 meter, then you may need to install 2 units per door.

Please remember to measure where you want to install the guard before sticking it on. Once you have stuck it on and decide to shift it, the adhesive may not be as effective.
As for the back of the door, you probably will not need to install the guard unless the gap is big enough for a child's finger to be inserted.