Walk-O-Long Baby Walk-Learning Device / Balance Assistant

Walk-O-Long Baby Walk-Learning Device / Balance Assistant
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C$ 19.35
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Walk-O-Long Baby Walk-Learning Device / Balance Assistant

Every child deserves the Walk-O-Long edge in developing balance, coordination, and confidence.
Every parent deserves the peace of mind of having their child safe, right where they belong, comfortably, securely at their side; from malls to parks, and picnics to parking lots.

Product Features: 

  • Helps kids build confidence, balance, and coordination
  • Uniquely designed to help minimize adult back strain while walking with your child
  • Easy to use! Simply wrap the Walk-O-Long around your child’s chest, and under the arms, then adjust it to the perfect fit - about the same as a gentle hug - then secure the single-latch safety buckle in back
  • Professional-Grade Safety, the primary security strap is made of super-strong flat nylon webbing
  • Suitable for 8-month-old baby  to 5-year-old children
  • Total Length: 120cm
  • Weight: 0.23kg