Lovely Baby Bolster Sleep Positioner

Lovely Baby Bolster Sleep Positioner
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C$ 25.80

  • Lovely cartoon theme design
  • Help adjust toddler’s sleeping posture
  • Adjustable supporting bolster distance
  • Made of high quality cotton and kapok
  • Provides the utmost comfort to the newborns


A sleep positioner is a cushioned device designed to keep infants six months and younger positioned on their backs or in some cases their sides while sleeping. Most positioners feature two stabilization pillows or rolls on each side of its base to prevent babies from turning over.


Bolster Positioners: By far the most common type, bolsters feature the two-sided roll design that prevents babies from turning over to their tummies. The best-made bolsters have side rolls that stop short of the shoulder area to prevent accidental suffocation.

 This toddler sleep positioner features a lovely pastel cartoon theme. The pillow distance can be adjusted by the velcro to a desired width, to ensure a good fit for your baby and a resulting comfortable sleep.The soft material protects baby’s delicate skin and allows it to sleep soundly.


Length between bolsters: approximately 15 - 25 cm