About Groupcow

Groupcow.com is not just another local group buying site, it will make immediate sense to you if you see us as a global buying site. So how are we different?

 In a nutshell, our platform sets out to create the biggest global consumer force on earth ( a buying force online that we are confident will exceed that of Walmart ) to come together on one platform. By so doing, allowing you, the consumer, to gain the leverage you need to bargain directly with manufacturers. 


Groupcow.com is operated by a group of Singaporeans in Hong Kong . We do our buying in Hong Kong because of the price and currency advantage not to mention the absence of GST, VAT etc to save cost for our customers. Do support us more often so that our volume can quickly grow to a size where manufacturers can take us really seriously to give us better and better pricing. Even better, share this news with all your friends and relatives to help us bring more products at better prices. Like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Groupcow/197241503680018 or follow our twitter: https://twitter.com/GroupCow

We will keep negotiating with suppliers to increase our product catalogue and strive to bring better and better deals to all our loyal customers.

At the same time, do pay attention to our Overstocks or Overruns Branded items as more will be coming your way.

Overstocks or Overruns are over production of Brands from specific cuttings or orders and are generally the result of the order not matching the amount of material needed. The amount of cloth needed to produce 30 shirts may actually be enough to produce 45 shirts and therefore we have a 15 shirt overrun.

Meanwhile, if our service is in any way not up to international standard, please feedback to us and give us a chance to grow.

What happens in the Real World?

Have you ever wonder how much a $100 dollars product you buy at your local store actually cost?  The real cost of the manufacturer producing it could be lower than $10. 

What normally happens in a traditional supply chain is as follows: 

1. The Manufacturer produces Product A at a cost of $10 and sell to Large Distributor at $20.
2. Large Distributor sells it to the Small Distributor at $40 
3. Small Distributor then sells it to Retailer at $60 
and finally 
4. We, the consumers buy it from the Retailer at $100 

So what does Groupcow plan to do? 

Simply put, we shorten the supply chain. 
Our platform is designed to give you better and better prices as more and more people buy the same product. 

Prices are adjusted downwards in real time as buying volume increases.

How is Groupcow unique?

1. We bring consumer round the world together to team up as one huge buying force.

2. We then leverage on this huge force to negotiate directly with manufacturers to obtain products at the best possible price at the best possible quality.

3. Our prices are adjusted downwards in real time as more consumer buys a product. This is exciting in that the more popular a product is with the consumer, the lower the prices. This is usually not true for many other sites where normally more desirable products are sold at a higher margin.

What can you do to make this consumer dream platform come true?

By now you probably have a basic understanding of how Groupcow platform works. If this platform succeed in forming the buying force that we set out to, consumers buying direct from manufacturers will become a reality. The savings you stand to enjoy on your daily purchases will be extraordinary.

While creating a buying force bigger than that of Walmart may not be an easy dream to achieve, however, we are firm believers that  "Impossible is Nothing."
Having said that, the core values of our company is our focus on exceptional customer experience and the high quality of the products we represent (coupled with exceptional pricing) to surprise customers, so much so that they will keep sharing their pleasant experience with their friends. 

This approach, we believe, is the only way we can build the biggest buying force exceeding that of Walmart.

Remember, our slogan, "More People, Better Deal! "

Please helps us achieve this mission sooner. Share this information out with as many of your friends as possible via Email, Facebook, Whatsapp etc, to kick start this consumer revolution. We call this PEOPLE'S POWER. 

Eventually, you and your friends will benefit from the extraordinary savings you can get from Groupcow.

At the same time, we are upgrading our system, as you are reading this, to reward loyal customers. Therefore, please stay tune by Liking our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Groupcow/197241503680018and subscribe to our newsletters and be the first one to benefit.

By sharing, you will also be helping us cut our marketing cost so that we can fight the giants out there. 
More people, better deals! 

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